Wednesday, June 3, 2009
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  • What Are The Disk Formats Consideration From Mac To PC

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    Before you need to move files between a Mac and a PC. What are the disk formats you should consider? The simplest option is the one used on most removable disks in Windows, FAT32 stand for “File Allocation Table”. Macs and PCs can read and write disks in this format. Almost all internal Windows disks.

    However, use a higher capacity version called NTFS (“NT File System”); Macs can read that but need help from third party software such as free MacFUSE, to write to it. Try to search it on net, you will find one…

    Macs, in turn, employ a disk format knows as HFS (“Hierarchical File System”) Plus. Windows can neither read nor write to it without the assistance of software called MacDrive.

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