Friday, July 24, 2009
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  • How To Transfer Your Blogger To Other Person

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    Based on above blog post title, i will show you how to transfer your blogger blog to other person... now please read carefully this post... just assume that you have blogger account AA and your friend as owner of Google account BB... get it?..ok steps below:

    1. You login into Blogger Account AA and invite your friend as an author to your blog (Navigate your mouse to settings > permissions).

    2. Your friend login into his/her email (Account BB) and accepts your invitation.

    3. You login into Blogger Account AA (Navigate your mouse to settings > permissions) and change your friend to an Administrator of your blog.

    4. Your friend login into Blogger Account BB and deletes you as an Administrator to your blog.

    5. Finally your friend as the sole Administrator to your blog in Account BB.

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